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Continued education and industry knowledge are keys to staying competitive in the ever changing food sales environment.  Understanding category, supply chain, political and social issues is a must for Rema Foods.  We are committed to continued education to both our employees and our customers ensuring that quality, socially responsible product is delivered in the most efficient method possible.

The Latest TikTok Star Is Canned Tuna

Canned-fish sellers launch new products, expand production to meet demand from younger shoppers.

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Droughts Hurt World’s Largest Economies

Unusually dry weather in the U.S., China and Europe further pressures global trade

Posted: 5 months ago

Dry Weather Forecast Calls For Higher Food Prices—And Billions In Farm Losses

Record-breaking drought is reordering American agriculture.

Posted: 9 months ago

Indonesia, the world’s top cooking-oil exporter, says it’s going to ban exports of the oil this week, and it’s sent the global prices of edible oils soaring

Indonesia, a top palm-oil exporter, is planning to ban exports beginning on Thursday. Palm oil, the world's most used veg

Posted: 9 months ago

War in Ukraine Cuts Fertilizer Supply, Hurting Food Prices and Farmers

"Fertilizer prices have hit record highs caused by the Ukraine-Russia war, along with a host of pre-existing factors." "Fertilizer's are 3-4x more cos

Posted: 9 months ago

House panels open price-gouging probe of major ocean carriers

Two congressional oversight panels have opened an investigation of three major ocean carriers, alleging that their dramatic rate hikes charged to ship

Posted: 10 months ago

New wave of contracts will lock in much higher shipping rates

“We’ve never seen this before. We’re going into a tender season that doesn’t look like anything else historically,” said Patrik Berglund, CE

Posted: 11 months ago

Bangkok skipjack prices hit three-year high, Manta also on rise

Prices for skipjack tuna for delivery in January 2022 to Bangkok, Thailand are up over $100 per metric ton from December, with the level in Manta, Ecu

Posted: 1 year ago

Is there an end in sight to supply chain disruption?

Bob Biesterfeld knows the depths of the global supply chain crisis first hand — he has hauliers still unloading Halloween costumes from containers a

Posted: 1 year ago

Ocean Shipping Rates Fall but Ports Are Still Jammed

Cargo ships waiting at the Port of Long Beach in California last month. The logjam of vessels outside of U.S. ports is expected to continue for months

Posted: 1 year ago

Supermarkets Play Supply-Chain ‘Whack-a-Mole’ to Keep Products on Shelves

Supermarket chains are revamping their operations to navigate persistent product shortages, expanding storage space and curbing discounts to make sure

Posted: 1 year ago

At G-20 Summit, U.S. Agrees to Relax Tariffs on European Steel

ROME—The U.S. and the European Union have reached a deal to ease U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that date to former President Donald Tru

Posted: 1 year ago

3 HSBC charts show just how bad supply chain issues are right now

Supply chain constraints are affecting economies across the world, with trucking and shipping lines besieged by delays. A new note from HSBC illustrat

Posted: 1 year ago

US-China Trade Talks Take First Steps in Re-Engagement

Virtual meeting follows Biden administration’s outline of a policy that builds on Trump initiatives WASHINGTON—The Biden administration kicked

Posted: 1 year ago

Biden Announces Measures at Major Ports to Battle Supply Chain Woes

The Port of Los Angeles will join the Port of Long Beach in operating 24/7 as the administration struggles to address a problem that is boosting infla

Posted: 1 year ago

L.A. Port to Operate Around the Clock to Ease Cargo Logjams

Nation’s busiest container port set to operate 24/7 to ship goods to stores ahead of holiday season

Posted: 1 year ago

Bangkok skipjack price drop slows with fishing poor Manta down slightlyk skipjack price drop slows with fishing poor; Manta down slightly

Skipjack prices for delivery to Thailand have edged down slightly for delivery in October, but not as much as expected, sources told Undercurrent News

Posted: 1 year ago