Our History

A trusted, collaborative supplier to leading retail, restaurant, foodservice, and manufacturing companies for more than 5 decades.

Who We Are

The History of Rema Foods: Past, Present and Future

The Evolution Of Rema Foods And The Global Food Supply Chain

Through our strong relationships with leading producers around the world, we have built a highly diversified catalog of products sourced from culinary hotspots including Italy, France, Thailand, Vietnam, Greece, Holland, Germany, India, Turkey, Spain, Indonesia, Peru, Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, Canada, the United States, and more.

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Rema Foods’ diverse team of import professionals are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ expectations are fully met through industry leading sourcing, quality assurance, supply chain, category management and product development processes.

Rema Foods is a leading global foods importer who prides itself on providing safe, quality product solutions tailored to each customer’s specific item portfolio and supply chain needs.

Our Expertise

Our diverse team of over one hundred import professionals offer a unique skill set dedicated to ensuring product objectives are seamlessly achieved. Through offering innovative items that address, ingredient trends, food waste, price, labor, storage and back of house pain points – sourcing consistently high quality commodity items – customizing storage, transportation and logistical solutions or generating private label specs and artwork, Rema Foods prides itself on offering broad business solutions specifically tailored to each and every customer.